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Who We Are...
WellnessCollective.TV is a global marketing and promotion network for creating and researching a Self-Healing Lifestyle through "biohacking" breakthroughs that are shared by our members who have healed themselves or others from life threatening and chronic diseases through the use of alternative modalities. events showcase (WPP), our global sponsor by featuring videos, films and other such media that portrays the use of a global network of WEwellness fundraising Circle Clubs. TV event Hosts create media at their fundraising events showing educational media, the value of a plant-based diet, & success stories of those that have healed themselves, that are uploaded to our WellnessCollective.TV Channels.

WPP reaches out to Media That Matters producers and invites them to have their media featured at our global "Breakin' Bread Together for a Better World" WEwellness educational fundraising events.

This allows WPP producers to get their word out to a larger audience of potential customers, and also helps them to educate the masses in living and learning How To give their body what it needs to heal itself via biohacking techniques that support and nourish a Self-Healing Lifestyle.

WPP invites Media That Matters producers to reach out to us with a link to your proposed media collaboration:

Submit a Link to Proposed Collaboration Media

Please be sure to add media description and link to your media or website.  We will respond if there is a good fit.

Thanks for submitting!

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It's the FOOD!

Breakin' Bread Together

for a Better World!

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