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Avalon Journeys | May 12 - June 23

Enter the World of Avalon & the Mists of the Holy Grail !

$4600 - Awakening Call of Merlin StarGate Tour Glastonbury-Cornwall-Salisbury - 12 days / 11 nights May 12 - 23, 2019 - SOLD OUT

$1800 - Isle of Iona - 7 days / 6 nights on the Holy Isle of Iona - June 4 - 10, 2019   (6 Spaces Left)

$3300 - Magical Mystery Tour - Summer Solstice - 9 days / 8 nights - June 15 - 23, 2019   (7 Spaces Left)

Every journey tells a story.  We are in a critical time of radical change, where great opportunities for spiritual growth and evolution are available to humanity. Now is the time for us women, daughters, grandmothers to tell our stories. For far to long, we have heard History for far too long. It is filled with too much fighting, war and pain. We can make a difference. We women have our story to tell. Now is the time we are being called to speak and be heard. This is our beloved planet Earth, Gaia. All life on Earth is born of woman. She calls us to rise up. We must re-write History and write Herstory.

I want to tell you a story, one of a fortuitous meeting with an extraordinary woman named Elinore Dettiger. For decades, Elinore has traveled the world working, guiding, supporting and working with women, mainly behind the scenes and at a grassroots level to bring about positive change in the world. I had the good fortune of meeting Elinore, while living in Glastonbury the summer of 1999. She had just traveled to Glastonbury from Kildare, Ireland, where she had been with the Brigidine nuns. She had been gifted a candle which had been lit from the perpetual flame of Brigid. Elinore brought the Brigid candle to Chalice Well Garden’s in Glastonbury for a special ceremony. I had the pleasure of sharing tea with her after the ceremony.

I will always remember Elinore. Such a grand, tall, beautiful, and dignified British woman, who spoke with surety and conviction when she said, “The die has been cast. And now is the time to find the place you call home, and for me that is Iona.” She said she was going to move to Iona, this tiny and sacred Isle in Scotland’s Inner Herbride.

I had first been to Iona in 1995 and I understood immediately her words, for Iona had so deeply touched my soul. It was many years later when I was visiting Iona that I asked about Elinore. I learned that, while she still had a home in Iona, she was often away, as always continuing to travel the world, guided by spirit, even in her elderly years.

Elinore Dettiger once wrote of Iona: “If you feel the call of Iona, then answer that call and make the journey to her. She is like a very old crone, rocky and barren, eternally loving and gentle, and tough and wise. She is very old. She is very holy. Iona, like all Shamballa places, Iona shall always be. Iona is a grail lite isle. Iona is deathless. On Iona one finds the rainbow which bridges Heaven and Earth.”

It is so true and while I, myself, had not known how to describe Iona, Elinore wrote it well. Iona  touches so deep into the silence of the heart and soul, and every time I have been to Iona I find it difficult to take my leave.

I look forward to sharing this sacred pilgrimage with the women called on this Scotland Holy Isle pilgrimage.

                                               Elizabeth HeartStar Keller


▪  All ground transportation▪  Bed and Breakfast – Double occupancy▪  All entrance fees and special presentations▪  Single room supplement an additional $300.▪   Airfare is not included.  To reserve your space contact:


▪  A non-refundable deposit of $800 secures your place on the pilgrimage.

▪  In the event that the rate of exchange increases we may have to make changes or an additional charge or make changes to the itinerary, however we do not foresee this happening, and you will be notified a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival.

▪  The pilgrimage is calculated in the British Pounds, if the rate of exchange increases, we may be required to charge an extra surcharge or fuel charge. We let you know by April, 2019.

▪  First payment is due on or before February 15th, 2019.The balance is due by March 15th, 2019.

▪ If you have to cancel for any reason, you will receive a 50% refund anytime before March 15th, 2019, excluding the non-refundable $800 deposit. After March 1st, no refunds are possible.


▪  Only bring one small piece of luggage and a carry-on. You will be responsible for carrying these, so make sure you can handle them.

▪  A day backpack & comfortable walking shoes.

▪  Layered clothing, as the weather in Ireland and England is unpredictable so bring an umbrella and a warm waterproof jacket.


▪  Make sure you have a valid passport.
▪  Please email your airline flight information.
▪  Other expenses you will need to cover during the pilgrimage are lunches and dinners and airfare from Dublin, Ireland to Bristol, England and Bristol, England to Glasgow, Scotland and Glasgow, Scotland to your departure flight.

▪  It is advised that you purchase some British pounds and some Euros for Ireland before the trip. Please do have at least 100 euros and 300 pounds or more to begin the journey. This will make it so much easier for you.
▪  Many, however not all, restaurants and shops accept MC and VISA, but not always American Express or other credit cards. Cash or Traveler’s checks are usually best.
▪  Avalon Journey recommends you purchase travel insurance to cover last minute changes or emergencies. Avalon Journey is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred during our tours.


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