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in the Future of...Aficianados
Aficianado - a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity,
subject, or pastime.

Coffee Talk Investment Clubs


Great Coffee Talks

Everything goes better with Good Coffee Talk!


But it does not have to be just coffee.  It can be tea,  hot chocolate, green drink, smoothie, whatever you like to drink.  

The key is to meetup with someone and talk about something you are passionate about.  Something positive and uplifting so that your excitement comes through.

We would like to help facilitate those types of discussions and help to record them for posterity.

Especially if you are talking about

Coffee Talk VISIONS


Coffee Talks can also be focused on manifesting a VISION that you would like to share with the world, and gather help from our Coffee Talk Community.


I have a VISION of using Coffee Talk Franchises to empower people around the world to us this form of communication to help them acheive their personal and professional goals.

I also have the VISION of using CIRCLES to gather together for social change.  A few of my VISIONS are the elusive World Peace, Future of Real Estate being on the blockchain, and co-creating "Breakin' Bread Together for a Better World," events and global

Why Ethical
Coffee Clubs Matter


Partnerships are always best when built on long term friendships and trust.

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