Getting to Know You via Coffee Talks!

Hi, My name is Joya (  Welcome!

Grab a cup... Relax.... We have a lot to Talk About!


Are you an Aficianodo?

I'll Start.... 

I like Crypto,  Real Estate, Women Empowerment, Films, Vegan Food, Media & How to Create....

Great CoffeeTalks.Net


If you know me, you know that I have created many outlets for film, crypto, veganism, nonprofits and women empowerment.  Now we are going to bring them all together via social media & global events around another passion of mine, Real Estate.

So, grab a cuppa Coffee or tea and do what women do best... create a Global Network and Coffee Talk!

In Good Taste.

There are many things that can be discussed over a great cup of coffee or chai.  Topics such as Crypto, Women Empowerment, Spirituality, Veganism, Abundance and our own VISION or life's purpose.


Ok, what about You?


What are your Hot Topics?

We use the energy of social media, the arts, radio & online TV to create a safe space for delving into topics that enrich our minds and awaken our souls.  Through that process, we empower a global network of Women in "Real Estate" for business and pleasure, and feature, train, and promote them via social media, YouTube, zoom and online "Coffee Talks."

We care.

Why Positive, Upbeat
CoffeeTalks Matter 

Many people are attracted to the possibility of Abundance and Personal Growth. Whenever you travel to any place in the world it is always beneficial and more fun to know the locals.

Our Coffee Talks Network is also a way for tourists and locals to get together and meet each other "face to face" and online prior to maybe meeting in one of our "virtual" and local e-vents. 

That way there is already a trust and a friendship.

In Paris, I hosted events, where  I offered  a 3 course vegetarian meal + wine for $35.  Tourists and locals loved it.  Each event was based around a theme of the arts, and it was "interactive," and fun, fun, fun.


I would like to re-create that, adding a few touches that make it even more beneficial... an ongoing global membership of hosts that would like to stay in touch, make money and Make a Difference.  

Let's Grab a Cup of Coffee or Tea and Talk About it!

Are you a Productive Real Estate Professional? 
Are you a new or want to be Real Estate Agent?   
Let's Talk About you via CoffeeTalks.Net and how your life could change if we work together for a better world.
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