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If you know me, you know that I have created Women Chats, Film Chats, Spiritual Chats, Vegan Chats, Bitcoin Chats, Mental Health Chats, and all other types of facebook chats.

Now, Let's Talk Crypto!

Join us on on Tuesdays 11am EST, and at many more events to follow, so Stay Tuned and Get Connected!  Join our Mailing List.

In Good Taste.

There are many things that can be discussed over a great cup of coffee or chai, and as we live in or are visiting, the taste for the topics we prefer are around Crypto, Women in Crypto, Spirituality, Veganism, Abundance and our own life's purpose.

We use the energy of media arts like radio & TV to create a CRYPTO space for delving into topics that enrich our minds and awaken our souls, and that co-create global Affinity Groups in the areas of  Let's Talk Crypto, Women in Crypto, Spirituality, Fitness, Food, Film, Fashion, Finance, Fun and creating and connecting global Friendships.

If you are a merchant, and would like to learn more on how we can help market your use of Crypto to enhance your customer's experience, email us.

Why Positive, Upbeat
CoffeeTalk Matters 

We care.

Many people are attracted to the possibility of Abundance and Personal Growth. Whenever you travel to any place in the world it is always beneficial and more fun to know the locals.

Our Coffee Talk is a way for tourists and locals to get together and meet each other "face to face."

In Paris, I used to host events, where  I offered  a 3 course vegetarian meal + wine.

Tourists and locals loved it.  Each event was based around a theme of the arts, and it was "interactive," and fun, fun, fun.


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