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Clubs. is a global collective and referral network of "FOR" DAO investors in fractional ownership properties around the world.

Real estate investment clubs are clubs formed by individuals who want to invest specifically in real estate. Individuals have long known that it is possible to make money by investing in real estate, but very few, proportionately speaking, have the capital available to be able to do any investing. 

And in most offerings, investors must be accredited in order to invest.  Members or our clubs have the opporunity to invest, and also have the opportunity to use and share the properties when the owners are not utilizing them.  This creates a win/win situation for those that do not want to buy, but prefer to rent and have the flexibility of creating workshops, trainings, tours and special events in a global luxury property.

Welcome to our members.

"FOR" DAO LLCs is a collection of Global  Sacred Resorts & Shared Vacation Properties, a collective of Members-only vacation and investment clubs designed for our real estate investors and real estate agents who put a premium on travel and global real estate expansion. Since 2007, Global Marketing Agents, our global expansion business partner, has  executed one-of-a-kind real estate referral model and trained over 8000 global marketing agents,. and is now expanding that vision to include working vacations for our global real estate vacation and investment club community — 

Non-Exclusive Resorts...

Use of Tokenized Luxury Real Estate. 

Not Just for the




A chance to earn travel.

"FOR" DAO LLC members earn tokens through referrals of global real estate and new members. Rewards of "FOR" Tokens can be used for travel.

Start your own Club.

Love what we are doing, and have your own idea or group that you would like to do it with? That is fine.  Join one of our global  clubs and/or we can help you start your own. 

Ask us HOW.

Europe Real Estate Investment Club

Our current focus is on Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England and Greece.

Relaxing in historical center

Latin America Real Estate Invesment Club

Our current focus in this area is on Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Columbia, Puerto Rico< Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Chile and Peru.

Machu Pichu

Middle East & Asia Real Estate Investment Club

Our current ocus in this aria is Israel, Dubai, India, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand.

Image by Fuu J

US & Canada Real Estate Investment Club

Our current focus in this area is Srdona, Phoenix, New Orleans, New York, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Orlando, Hawaii & Canada.

Image by Valiant Made

Africa Real Estate Investment Club

Our current focus includes South Africa.

Happy Selfie

South Pacific Real Estate Investment Club

Our current focus includes Australia and New Zealand.

New Year Party
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