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Global Collective of Self-Healing Lifestyle Circles, Clubs, Pods, Biohackers. Hubs, Practitioners, Products & Services

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It started in April 2022 with a 'recurring' uterine high serous carcinoma "Stage 3-4' diagnosis that led to a six month Self-Healing Journey to uncover so many others that have given their bodies what it needed to Self-Heal from cancer and other such life threatening diseases without the use of chemo, radiation, immune therapy, or pharmaceutical drugs of any kind. 

In October 2022, six months later, my CT scan was clear.

I want to help others learn about those stories of others, and to have access to the research and  introduction to alternative healing gurus and modalities, currently called 'biohacking.'. 

-Joya Comeaux, founder is a global co-marketing and event driven network of health enthusiasts focused on the collective Highest Vision of Biohackers, Influencers and Entrepreneurs for living a

Self-Healing Lifestyle.


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

Grow Your Vision

If you or someone you know are making a difference in the world through alternative self-healing and biohacking modalities, we want to know about it and help to Grow Your Vision by promoting it to the world by connecting like-minds. 

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Do you want to invest in or manifest your own franchise-like;  Media Event Hub; Biohacking Shared Space; or Abundance Pod? If so, ask us how.

There are many levels of involvement up to owning and/or managing your own, Hub, Space or Pod.  Contact Us to find out How.

Contact Us (above) to join our global marketing  referral & incentive- based 
Collective. Learn How to Work Together to Make $; Make a Difference; Interact; Support each other;
cross-Market & Promote;
Your Odds; & Lower Your Risks

Member - Global Lifestyle Collective

Level 1 - Become a monthly member of our global collective to receive a 10% discount on network global products, events & services; point rewards for Referring New Members; Point rewards for Volunteering at one of our Hubs, and earning a FREE monthly Membership for each Circle of 10 active members that you attract and nurture by the ongoing sharing of your personal experience & expertise. (Everyone starts here and works their way up the latter in knowledge).

Partner - Hub, Space, Pod, Host - Optional

Level 2 - Be an event host, space manager or pod owner of one of our local locations (Space - Membership Circles, Pod - Biohacking Equipment and/or Hub - Franchise-like Packaged Modalities). Host organize education events, expos, zoom meetups and teleconferencing, investor relations, marketing outreach, biohacking outreach and membership satisfaction.

Investor - Venture Capital Funding - Optional

Level 3 - Eligible to become a global investor.

Once you have learned all about the benefits of membership and how our global model can make a difference, you are ready to choose to invest your time and money into one of our focused collective marketing strategies for fun and profit.

Product & Service Providers - Store

Level 4 - Eligible to become a Franchise-like Hub Owner

Hub Owners are eligible to own and manage their own territory with the ability of manifesting up to 10 interactively connected Pods. Earning Potential:  The ability to cover expenses and earn a % of all business transactions and membership fees funneled through their operations.

Biohacker - Referral Representative

Level 5 - Eligible for Train the Trainer Referral Representative

Biohacking Techniques and a Self-Healing Lifestyle education is the main focus of our global collective outreach.  Our "global sales force" experts work their way up through all levels to be fully trained in all aspects of our business model.  At this point, they are eligible to train other trainers and focus their efforts on whatever facet of the diamond they would like to pursue whether it be investing, ownership or maximum earning potential as member recruiters, event organizers, +++.  Earning Cash, Rewards, Trips, Contests, etc.

Experiences, Shares & Testimonials

“I have worked with energy, global self-healing spiritual masters and sacred ancient wisdom for higher consciousness, inner peace and self-love transformation and manifestation technique modalities such as meditation, yoga and other highest vision teachings for over 30 years. When told I had cancer, I knew that I had the tools I needed to prepare for a 'no fear death.' Little did I know then that spirit had a much higher vision and mission for me: To use my own experience of self-healing and the experience of so many others that I have discovered 
on my journey so that you can have the tools you need to self-heal and in turn to then help others. 'If I did it, so can you!'  Become a member to share your vision and discover your why, what, who, when, where & how.”

Joya Comeaux, Founder

**Latest Cancer Statistics and Survival Rates: 

What are my chances of getting cancer?
According to 2020 data from the American Cancer Society, men have a 40.14 percent—or approximately
one in two—chance of developing cancer in their lifetime. For women, the odds are slightly lower at 38.7 percent, or a one in three chance.

What are the 10 deadliest cancers?
Breast cancer: 206,983 lives. … Pancreatic cancer: 162,878 lives. … Prostate cancer: 144,926 lives. … Leukemia: 108,740 lives. … Non-Hodgkin lymphoma: 104,407 lives. … Liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancer: 79,773 lives. … Ovarian cancer: 73,638 lives.


What are the odds?

The National Cancer Institute reports that there will be an estimated 2 million new cases of cancer with an overall estimated 5-year survival rate of 68.1% with an estimated 600,000 deaths in 2022.

***What is meant by the 5-year survival rate?
A diagnosis of cancer is frightening. After the initial shock has passed, you want to know about your future, the treatment available, and the chances of survival.  Survival rate is defined as the percent of people who survive a disease such as cancer for a specified amount of time.

For example, if the 5-year survival rate for a particular cancer is 34 percent, this means that 34 out of 100 people initially diagnosed with that cancer would be alive after 5 years.

***A 5-year survival of 60% doesn't mean that the other 40% died after living for exactly 5 years. A few would have lived less than a year, and some for 2, 3, or 4 years. The surviving 60% are not all alike, either.

  • Some may have been cured. They're free of cancer and will live for their normal lifespan.

  • Some may still be taking treatment for cancer.

  • Some may have been cured but had a relapse and are under further treatment.

In other words, the 5-year survival rate doesn't tell a person with cancer much about their future.

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