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Many questions with many answers that you as an individual researcher must learn for yourself through continued research. Here are answers to a few:

Why be educated to empower yourself to make your own health & lifestyle choices & ultimate life or death decisions?

Traditional doctors are educated to treat symptoms, not to heal the cause, and they are not educated about nutrition in med school.  And yet they take the "Hippocratic Oath." In some cases such as cancer for example, in most cases, the only treatments offered patients are chemotherapy and radiation.  Some of our members have living testimony that nutrition healed their cancer, for example.  They are not making "cure" claims. They are open to sharing their experiences with you, so that you can understand options and decide for yourself if it would be a viable thing for you to incorporate into your healing journey either as an alternative, adjunct or complementary protocol option.

"If your body made it, it can heal it.  Your body wants to Heal."

One way to do so is through nutrition.  Another way is through alternative healing methods. All of which are a personal decision that should be extensively researched and understood when you take your life into your own hands and learn how to give your body what it needs to heal itself via Self-Healing.

What is Self-Healing? 

1.  Self-Healing is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to "Feed Your Body, Mind, Spirit," your body's innate biology to feel your best through healthy aging.

2.  "You are what you eat." Everything you put into your body, i.e., food, thought, physical movement and eating emotional poison or healing vibrations affect how we behave & heal.

3. Give yourself the awareness and focus to transform your body and feel more energized; be more productive and, overall, manifest your Highest Vision of You in this lifetime.​​​

PLUS:  IT'S THE FOOD!  WellnessCollective.TV

Global Producers, Film Fests, Cooking Shows & TV Channel Media Events: Breakin' Bread Together for a Better World.  In addition, education appearances of leading plant-based experts on use of food to self-heal. Sponsored by:  Collaboration of Plant-Based Experts & Media That Matters presented by


We envision a higher vibration FLOW for ourselves and Mother Earth through emotional cleansing, stress relief, self-awareness, higher consciousness, kindness, happiness, joy & Abundance for All... starting with energized movement of our blood. 

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Make a Difference to those we touch via life changing Integrative Wellness education, food and Self-Healing, Self-Love and Self-Nourishment Interstitial Cellular enhancing Cosic Energy, Vibration, Resonance and Frequency Modalities.

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