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Women in Crypto are women currently in the Cypto space or those that would like to learn.  Women In Crypto are learning how to make money while giving back to their global community. WE help teach women and nonprofits How To use and be a part of this new Crypto ecosystem, because it's a WIN/WIN.


Women in Crypto is a global educational outreach to teach and empower women and nonprofits on the benefits of fundraising and using their "collective buying power" through the use of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain to fund their solution oriented projects and services that matter in our every day lives.  


Women in Crypto have the collective power to work together and educate others on how they can change their own lives and empower the world to create a new economy based on social responsibility and peace driven investments that have a global impact.  That was the original intention of Crypto.


WE are creating a Crypto-driven marketplace and membership Women In Crypto Investment Club to create Women's Circles, help train them via media, help pay them to learn in friendly competition using "phantom" Crypto portfolios, and fundraising for nonprofits, while marketing each other to promote their Crypto solutions and socially responsible investments to impact the future of mankind and Mother Earth.


NOW IS THE TIME. Crypto and Blockchain technology is advancing on a daily basis. There is no time to waste before you jump in and no time like the present for you to get rewarded in Crypto for learning and teaching; marketing and promoting; and finding out more about the mutual benefits of Women In Crypto. 



LEVEL ONE - silver member - free circle member (WOMAN IN CRYPTO in training)

Global Circles play a game to learn How to WIN at Crypto investing via a "phantom" portfolio. Circles are in a friendly competition with each other, and have a chance to WIN prizes for having the highest performing "phantom" portfolio.  Silver members attend weekly meetups, and invest in "phantom" portfolios.  NO FIAT MONEY EXCHANGES HANDS. This is a fun and interactive learning activity.  Just like with traditional investment clubs that invest in stocks, each circle participant is assigned a Crypto coin/token to independently research during the week.  At the following meetup, circle participants present their research results members of their circle.  Unlike traditional investment clubs that invest real money, circles invest $100k in "phantom" dollars & determine their "phantom" portfolio in Crypto via Consensys. (No. This is not a Direct Marketing or Pyramid Scheme). This is an interactive game.

LEVEL TWO - gold MEMBER - mentor - $ 180 YR. (OR $20 MO. - (may be paid in Crypto)

Gold Members receive tokens that can use to teach them how to invest and in our marketplace. Gold members are, or are in training to become, Women In Crypto Mentors. Mentors are marketed and branded with our WE WIN logo, featured in our media outreach, videos, and other such tools and other materials to be used to help train others and advance your own knowledge and outreach. Mentors are invited to present at salons, conferences, and other such advanced training workshops to get more involved with the global community.  Mentors receive participant leads and have the opportunity to create & lead circles (small groups of approx.10 women), for which they get paid in Crypto as a consultant; participate in films & media to help get the word out; and hire others in Crypto-paid jobs.

LEVEL three - riuby member - fundraiser - $ 360 per year - (may be paid in crypto)

RUBY Members are Paid-in-Crypto consultants that help nonprofit partners fundraise for approved social responsibility projects by training a min. of 10 circles (or Master-nodes) in their respective areas and continue to attract and inspire future circle club leaders.  Women in Crypto Partners are Regional Managers, spokespersons and media representatives for promoting WomenInCrypto, and the WE WIN Brand via marketing and promotion partners and their companies and professional outreach.  All Ruby Members are invited to attend yearly global retreats and online workshops to learn to be the best that they can be in life as well as in business. They are trained to achieve a balance through wellness and serving others. Ruby Members are professionals in the Crypto space that are involved in Crypto on a full-time basis, and WIN prizes based upon incentives and performances targeting a healthy life balance.

level four - emerald member - SPONSOR - $ 1008 per year (MAY BE paid in crypto)

Emerald Members are Sponsors that help us to promote Women In Crypto by sponsoring our fundraising and educational events, training workshops, salons, retreats, media outreach, and overall mission.  Sponsors are given shout outs at all of our events, on all of our training materials, on our blogs, and in our global media.  They are WE WIN "branded" for being a socially responsible Crypto community sponsor. Sponsors like merchants, restaurants, banks, service providers, etc, can take advantage of our media and promo social media that drives people to our marketplace, which has a link to our Sponsors.  Our Sponsors proudly accept our tokens and help market us on their websites and storefront. In return, we also create radio, film, TV and media productions that market and promote our global Sponsors.

LEVEL Five - diamond member - shared pool investing - (may be paid in Crypto)

A DIAMOND MEMBER IS AN ANGEL FUNDRAISER AND INVESTOR.  Diamond Members help fund approved nonprofits and vetted Crypto startups.  Diamond Members receive equity via co-investing opportunities in six (6) industry targeted Investment funds (listed below); become pool investors in Mining Pools and Proof of Stake Pools; receive a tax write off for "matching" donations of our utility tokens being used to fund media for our Global Marketplace, MICRO lending outreach into the communities we serve, via a WE WIN Endowment.  Such community outreach projects are created by members of led entrepreneurial activities like: shared housing, job creation, and nonprofit Crypto initiatives that support our nonprofit partners, and make a difference in the world and the lives WE touch.

Industry 03
Health & Well-Being
Industry 01
Crypto &
Blockchain Technology
Industry 04
Planet &
Industry 02
Film & 
Media Arts
Industry 05
Marketing & Training
Industry 06
Shared Resources & Spaces







About Us
About You

You already know about Crypto

You want to learn about Crypto

You want to create a New Economy

You are a Networker (People Person)

You want to learn How To use Crypto

You want to FUNdraise for Nonprofits

You are a Motivated Self-Starter

You are Curious & Resourceful

You want to Make a Difference

You like to be a Mentor to Others

You want to have Fun & Make Money

You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself and what you alone can acheive, a new economy

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