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What’s involved in the WIN Ambassador Apprenticeship Program?

  • WIN Ambassadors will act as brand champions at events and meetups, promoting WomenInternational.Net / WOMEN.FUND and their brands.

  • WIN Ambassadors will increase brand exposure by sharing their own experiences and product information at meetups and through social media channels.

  • WIN Ambassadors will encourage their community to become entrepreneurs by introducing friends, family members and strangers to the simplicity and benefits of / WOMEN.FUND.

  • When asked, WIN Ambassadors will report on and offer feedback on new features and launches.

What exactly will I need to do?

  • Must hold 1 meetup OR attend 3-5 events per month.

  • Must also post at least one / WOMEN.FUND related piece of content a week on each appropriate social media channel.

MERCHANTS AND ICO'S - What’s in it for me?

  • WOMEN MERCHANTS & WOMEN OWNED CRYPTO ENTITIES will be eligible to be interviewed on our Crypto Radio Show 

  • You will receive a special space on the WIN Token Community Marketplace.

  • You will have the opportunity to be featured on our social media channels and posts on WomenInternational.Net’s Blog and HighestVisionMagazine.

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