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Frequency Friday Group Energy was Electrifying!

Last night Chef David outdid himself, as usual. Instead of a four-course meal, he served us a five-course extravaganza. starting with stuffed peppers as an appetizer, followed by carrot turmeric soup, freshly made from scratch gluten-free bread, salad, a beet dish with so many layers to it that I cannot even remember, and culminating in a dessert masterpiece of chocolate, chocolate, and more... no just kidding, then blueberry and raspberry cheesecakes. Yes, four different desserts! In between all of these yummy offerings, we had a very high vibe and stimulating conversation about Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Sexuality, Relationships, Krishna and the Gopis, Shiva and his feminine form. Basically, you name it and it was all up for an enlightened discussion. In addition, everyone got to offer their talents and visions to the group and network to find what they were looking for in their participation. Some it was to build friendships, others it was to offer services and others to find help in either working in a higher consciousness environment or hiring higher consciousness workers, in this case, a handy man. You name it, we may have talked about it! In addition, we started the night with Reiki and Bemer sessions and end it with an ABUNDANCE super charge on the Biocharger. A great night was had by all. Next month, July 27th, we will also be hosting a LEO Birthday Bash, as at least four members of our group last night have a birthday coming up, including yours truly! NAMASTE, and hope to see you all there to help us celebrate. Until then, Know Who You Are & Live Your Truth!



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