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 & Nourish their SOULS

Women.Fund Food Project

Women.Fund Crowdfunds globally to Feed the Children

Children and adults are hungry everywhere in the world, not just in India or Africa.  Many go to bed hungry in the United States, as well.  In addition, many food pantries distribute mostly canned foods and low in nutrition foods that create chemical addiction and weight gain. Women.Fund believes in nourishment of the whole being, not just putting a bandage on food shortage. Women.Fund is focused on creating jobs in a tokenized society focused on equality, empowerment & education.

When you donate to Women.Fund Food Project, or join our Tokenized Network, your resources of time & money are going to a long-term global vision of solving the world's hunger through Women Empowerment and global job creation.

Join our Tokenized Crowdfunding Network, and let's work together to create and distribute plant-based foods that are matched with food donations, but are also manufactured in the areas that create education, skills, and jobs for local Women.

Women.Fund's Mission is to Feed the World through education and global Empowerment of the Women interested in getting a Hand Up.. Not just a Hand Out! We work with a network of food manufacturers and distributors giving back via global tokens.

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