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Global Media creates and/or distributes Media that Matters.

Through the use of a global network of artists, musicians, and filmmakers, WPP gives "digital media" another purpose...

to be used as a catalyst for change via global film & media arts screening events.


Tell-A-Vision Television is media made in global circle events that explain passions, business ideas, products, services, etc, that require the crowdfunding support of our global network of women around the world.

WE believe that everyone has talent to share in a significant way that supports a FLOW of food,water, shelter, air and abundance.


In order to support this Women.Fund 

Global Movement, WE have developed a number of platforms for hosting "face to face" E-Vents in your home or in a much larger venue.  Such events are:  

Womens's Circles of Love Around the World; Abundance Conferences; and "Breakin' Bread Together for a Better World."

Women.Fund Food Project is a global CLUB at the core of our global Women Empowerment Movement. Through this club all women around the world meet in Circles to Tell their Story, Learn from Each other, Cook Together, Grow Food Together, Learn Best Practices and How To FUND, distribute and FEED their communities via support of JIVAS.NET.


WomenInternational.Net is an online Business Incubator for Women holding hands in CIRCLES OF LOVE AROUND THE WORLD.  This WIN network is much like any other Business Referral Network, in that women pay a fee to be a part of the network, and they receive referral fees for helping and supporting each other.


JIVAS.NET is a consortium of blessed food manufacturers and distributers. 

JIVA means soul.  So, we align with

"soul food" makers that focus on the vibration of the food as well as the love that goes into it with the use of only

plant-based proteins, and no animal cruelty in the manufacturing process.









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