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Directors:  Sameh Zoabi

Producer:  Ayelet Kait and Amir Harel

Screenwriter:  Yossi Aviram

Genre:  Narrative


Set in the near future the film looks back on how peace was made in 2013 between Israel and Palestine.  It is the story of two businessmen, one Palestinian and one Israeli, who struggle to setup a solar energy company.  Both came from societies where there is strong opposition to cooperating with the other.  The film tells how they overcome hostility from within their own families and from the people around them.   In the end, they triumph not only for their business venture, but also for mutual respect.  Located in Tel Aviv, Lama Films is one of the leading production companies in Israel, concentrating on social-, political- and cultural-oriented projects.


Approx. Run Time  90 mins


Director:  Harry Kakatsakis

Producer:  Gavin J Behrman

Screenwriter:  John Viscount

Genre:  Interfaith & Nonviolence - Short


Admissions is a short film starring Academy Award nominee James Cromwell that tells a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in war-torn places like the Middle East.  Featuring an Israeli couple and a Palestinian, this modern parable is set in the admissions room for the afterlife. Its purpose is to start a conversation that heals.


PeaceNow is a worldwide initiative that is creating an unprecedented ONE BILLION-person platform and drawing together an international alliance of peace organizations and communities. It is designed to be the largest collective effort ever undertaken to achieve both governmental and economic solutions on the behalf of global peace. CLICK HERE to watch their Petition Video, HERE to read their RESOLUTION, and HERE for E-Book .



Approx. Run Time 15 mins


Director:  Joe Piscatella

Producer: Mark Rinehart

Screenwriter:  Joe Piscatella

Genre:  Social Activism - Documentary


#Chicago Girl:  The Social Network Takes on a Dictator documents a 19-year old student, Ala's Basatneh, as she helps to coordinate the Syrian revolution from ta suburb of Chicago since 2011, armed with all imaginable social media.  From her childhood bedroom in the Chicago suburbs, an American teenage girl uses social media to coordinate the revolution in Syria. Armed with Facebook, Twitter, Skype and camera phones, she helps her social network "on the ground" in Syria brave snipers and shelling in the streets to show the world the human rights atrocities of a dictator. But just because the world can see the violence doesn’t mean the world can help. As the revolution rages on, everyone in the network must decide what is the most effective way to fight a dictator: social media or AK-47s.  The film is dedicated to Bassel Shahade, the cameraman in the film who lost his life showing the world what is really happening in Syria.


Approx. Run Time 90 mins


Directors:  Marty Ostrow & Terry Kay Rockefeller

Producers:  Marty Ostrow & Terry Kay Rockefeller

Editors:  Peter Rhodes

Genre:  Interfaith & Eco Activism - Documentary


RENEWAL is the first feature-length documentary film to capture the vitality and diversity of today's religious-environmental activists. From within their Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim traditions, Americans are becoming caretakers of the Earth. With great courage, these women, men and children are re-examining what it means to be human and how we live on this planet. Their stories of combating global warming and the devastation of mountaintop removal, of promoting food security, environmental justice, recycling, land preservation, and of teaching love and respect for life on Earth are the heart of RENEWAL.


Approx. Run Time:  90 mins.





Director:  Kara Sachs

Producer: Kara Sachs

Screenwriter:  Kara Sachs

Genre:  Short Film


FREEDOM is a contemporary story of an American soldier who returns home from war to his loving family...or is it just a soldier's last wish...  Directed & Written by Kara Sachs, the award winning director of MILAGROS and TUNNEL VISION. Starring Eric Weems, Music by Jono Manson. 


Approx. Run Time 20 mins


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