The WE Women's Wisdom Forum


WE are in a co-creative inquiry process, learning about who we are as a network of New Thought women by stepping up to conversations into which we all contribute our authentic experience and intuition about how to evolve our personal and collective spiritually motivated lives. Out of this process of listening and sharing, some strong themes and area of focus are universally emerging…

In our conversations we are asking the question:
“What strengths and challenges are unique to YOUR feminine leadership and consciousness that we together must fully empower if we are to be Be the Change we wish to see in the world?” 

We ask you to draw on your own personal experience, but to also hold in your mind and heart the community of women around you, and the vibration of global women beyond that… as we focus our attention and elevate our collective vibration for AVE! MOVEMENT, HOLDING HANDS IN CIRCLES OF LOVE AROUND THE WORLD ...

 Women Empowerment, WE!  WOMEN.

WE! Women's Circle Topics


 • Spiritual Practice & principles
• Masculine energies in synergy with feminine 
• The next generations of women 
• Feminine voice through the Arts 



Supporting and nurturing ourselves and one another
• Forming/facilitating supportive circles in your community 
• Virtual Circles – how to get the support you need 
• Self Nurturing 
• Parenting without loss of self 
• Work-Life Balance

Building relationships and community
• Creating community in your life 
• Nurture beautiful relationships



Organizational structure and new models 
• What does a feminine organizational structure look like? 
• What would a feminine government look like? 
• Families and communities that honor the divine feminine 

Producing events and programs
• Feminine Leadership 
• Peace Leadership 
• Green/sustainability 
• Local and organic food 
• Parenting education 
• Business education 

Collaboration and Connection
• Collaborative projects 
• Collaborative business models 
• Trust work/discussion 












Feminine leadership dynamics 

Action steps and global/social activism 


Building relationships and community 

• Creating community in your life 

• Nurture beautiful relationships 

• What is community and how does it serve the divine feminine?




Masculine energies in synergy with feminine 
• What does a woman with balanced masculine and feminine energies look like? What does her life look like? 
• What does a family, community and government look like that has this balance? 
Supporting and nurturing ourselves and one another 
• Health and wellness 
• Nutrition
• Physical Fitness 
• Local, organic food
• Meal planning and “kitchen fluency”
• Rest and relaxation
• Self-expression 



Concept and theory of feminine empowerment 
Feminine leadership dynamics 
Identifying solutions and skill sets 

Business and women 
• Support for entrepreneurs
• Collaborative business models 
• Bringing the divine feminine into business 
• Career discussion & peer mentoring